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Solemnly Swear
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Monday, February 21st, 2005
9:21 pm
since I am bad at the "moderator game"

I find I have to iron out a few things.

So here's where I made a mistake.

DO NOT mark things friends only. People should be able to read posts from their normal journals and then sign onto their character journals.

PLEASE do not post things directly into Up2no_good. I posted James first post in there and that was a mistake. DO NOT do that. Keep all RP stuffs in your character journals please.

OK I think thats it.

I've already mentioned that personal journal entries should have the comments option dissabled.

Lets play. ^_^
Sunday, February 20th, 2005
11:31 am
Ok so, members!

I am now going to be using the name Mischeif_mod to moderate this community.

yay for me.
11:27 am
we have our first entry up by no_cornerstone.

It is a good example of how to post a journal entry.

Unless it is a note, or a letter, disable the comments.

People should not be commenting to your personal journal entrys though we can all read them to better grasp the whole of what is going on.
Monday, February 14th, 2005
9:45 pm

We have all four marauders.

If you wanted to be in it and are not yet,


I reeeeally want a Frank and an Alice cause I loves them

Yeah and a Lily might help... O.o... until we get one I will probobly play her. ^_^

but I shall survive.

We'll all kinda add them in when needed until we get somoene to play them.

Sunday, February 13th, 2005
8:38 pm
If you want to join, make sure you have a character journal ready and make sure you JOIN so that I can approve you.

woot woot.

James - ill_go_first
Peter - no_cornerstone
Remus - well_shone

the end.
Monday, February 7th, 2005
12:27 pm
Characters TAKEN:

James Potter - ill_go_first

Peter Pettigrew - no_cornerstone

Make sure to read through the rules and comment to THAT post if you would like to join.
Friday, February 4th, 2005
2:54 pm

No killing unless approved by me and the person being killed ^_^

No sex. It can be implied but lets keep this like PG-13

Because I am stubborn and what I say goes, you may not pair Sirius with anyone but Remus, you may not pair James with anyone but Lily, you may not pair Frank with anyone but Alice, and same goes with all of the Slytherins. Narcissa and Lucius, etc.

Lets say we are setting this around 7th year. James and Lily have just begun seriously going out, as have Frank and Alice (that, of course, they can decide for themselves as to when and why it happens), Sirius and Remus can either have a secret relationship, or not have one at all (yet... if you so choose).

Characters are NOT on reserve. If you request a character before someone else, you get it, they dont. You are not an exception to this rule if you are my friend.

If I think you are playing the character reeeally bad (ex: Peter is really evil and loud and confident) I will tell you, then kick you out.

If you cause other problems in the group ((fights)) I will kick you out.

All RP sessions will be posted in this community through a character journal. You may also post personal entrys such as journal entries, or homework assignments (God only knows, but if you want then whatever).

You may post sessions as AIM conversations or comments. Comments means you post somehting and people just comment to it in character. yay. Try not to get too wordy. No one wants to read it if its a novel.

AIM conversations should (but are not required) to go as fallows:

GotMoose02: yes and who would thta be, Snivelous
or Moony?
dogstarmarauder: hahahaha oh the choice.
dogstarmarauder: dont know if i could decide. i
mean just look at them, snivellous with his nose and
his sliminess and moony with his love of chocolate,
and his always correcting our grammer, and his hair
that always manages to look just out of place, but it
the wrong way, and that look in his eye when he
knows that were going to have to copy on another
homework, or when he falls asleep by the fire waiting
for us to finish so that we can all go to
bed.........*cough* itd have to be snivellous i think.
GotMoose02: ..........................
GotMoose02: I'm sorry, I stopped listening to the
babble could you repeat some?
GotMoose02: ((that was awesome!))
dogstarmarauder: i just said that id, uh, have to
chose snivellous. you know because i could have
anyone i wanted to.
GotMoose02: ....... that makes absolutely NO sense.
You would pick Snivelous over Moony!? Whats wrong
with you!?
dogstarmarauder: well... *tries to think of witty
comment and gets that im saying something witty look
on his face, but ti doesnt work well without the
GotMoose02: ........ honestly mate. I've changed?
Youre saying you'd choose snivelous over Moony and
I've changed?

Mostly dialouge with action in the **.

I think thats all.

OH, grammar and spelling doesnt matter unless we are all like "wtf did that person just try to say?" in which case I will warn you, then kick you out if it does not get better.

Try to remain reasonably realistic. No long lost grand daughter of dumbledore, no discovering that Remus' animagus would be a buffalo, no secret love affairs between Peter and Snape. *shudder*

If I think you are playing a character reeeeeally bad (ex: Snape is somewhat likeable) I will email you warning, then kick you out if things dont change. Note you will be able to respond to my warning email with your reasons and what not and things can be negotiated.


I'm the moderator. What I say goes. The end.

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